Sunday, January 10, 2010

Denver Post: Colorado Companies' Get Green Job Tax Credits

The Denver Post reported that six Colorado companies got green federal tax credits totaling $75.2 million: Abound Solar, Advanced Energy Industries, Coolerado Corp., ReflecTech, Hexcel Corp., Vestas Blades America Inc., and Vestas Towers America Inc.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Colorado State Spending on Higher Education: When Frugality Becomes Parsimoniousness

Colorado taxpayers and voters have a well deserved reputation for frugality and keeping taxes relatively low which can be a positive factor when companies make site selection decisions. However, frugality can turn into parsimoniousness. Two recent publications I noticed have led me to think this is occurring with regard to state funding of higher education in Colorado.

1) A Denver Post article talking about CU Denver's Medical School accreditation being imperiled by the dearth of state sponsorship.

2) Colorado's ranking is 47th among the 50 states on per pupil state spending on higher education according to the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation's Annual Report, Toward a More Competitive Colorado.

Despite the economic pressures of the current recession, public officials and voters would be well-advised to keep the long-term future in mind and raise more public funds to invest in higher education and other key infrastructure in Colorado.

PMC Technology Wind Energy Company Coming to Golden

This blog entry from John Rebchook's Inside Real Estate News is a month old but its worth reading. Denmark-based wind energy component manufacturer PMC Technology is locating its North American HQ and first operations facility in Golden, near the NREL, the Colorado School of Mines and not far from Vestas, a big customer, in Brighton. The cluster grows.

See Margret Jackson's article from The Denver Post here.